Iphone 5 rumours

The new iPhone 5 should look very similar to the existing model, assuming two recent “leaks” are confirmed. One is a purported leak from an iPhone manufacturer, while the other comes from a third-party vendor who makes iDevice cases.

While nothing “official” has been announced about the upcoming iPhone 5, we know it’s coming. Past practice, in fact, suggests it will debut sometime in June, just like each of its processors.

So what will the iPhone 5 look like? Much like the iPhone 4 sitting on your desk right now.

According to our earlier report, a source from Foxconn claims the iPhone 5 has already been seen at the China-based manufacturer, and it looks just like the iPhone 4, except for two important differences: materials and screen size.

The iPhone 5 will “move away from the back-glass enclosure” and move to something similar to the back of the first-generation iDevice, released in 2007.

Plus, in terms of its size, the iPhone 5 will include larger screen measurements than its processor. However, what these measurements are remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, Alibaba.com has posted the following photo showing off “slim silicone i-Phone 4/i-Phone 5 (sic)” cases.

Either this confirms the iPhone 5 will be roughly the same size, or it’s just one vendors attempt to guess.

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